Double Cross by Mark Southworth – Reviewed

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By Erik Casey

This fully self contained non-obtrusive gimmick grants you the ability to do a modern take of Ashes on Palm; but only if you’re willing to be “dirty” for an extended period of time. Magicians guilt can be a real killer in this trick, and sway you to not want to perform it.

The moves are kind of knacky and the explanation may leave you wanting more. The seasoned performer will take this genius gimmick and create work-arounds that the explanations left out, but the newer performer might find this task to be daunting.

The gimmick is fantastically well produced and the marking portion of the gimmick is fool-proof. Making the x vanish, not so much. You can even see Dan White struggle to get the X to vanish in this clip. With tons of practice, the problem still remained for me.

This is amazing for walk-around gigs though. You leave spectators with a constant reminder of you on their palm. It stays on them for hours. Every other version of this trick can be washed off asap, but not this version and that absolutely works in your favor as a performer!

This trick has it’s short coming, but it also is a one of a kind performance self-contained gimmick that can be carried everywhere and not look out of place at all.




Erik Casey and Sebastian Midtvaage

Is the video demo accurate?

No, there is “pre-show” work that is cut. The video starts halfway through.

Is it a worker?

It can be, it absolutely can be.

Difficulty level?

This is a tough one, according to some, its real easy, and according to other people it is unreliable.

Quality of product?

The gimmick is perfect, but the explanation felt a little short.


$60.00 which if you can get the trick down, it is a fair and good price. The trick didn’t work well for Erik but did for Sebastian.




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  1. Erik, this is THE most fantastic trick. Even is you don’t get every trace of the X off of your hand, it still rocks. I find it can’t be followed.

    Rachel’s Dad

    P.S. Good luck with the site


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