Shuffled by Jos Denys – Reviewed

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By Erik Casey

Shuffled is a miracle and Jos Denys is a miracle worker. This trick left me speechless after the performance. And subsequently left me speechless after the explanation. It was so clever yet so simple.

This should be in every working card magicians arsenal. The gimmicks are self contained and incredibly easy to use. If you know how to open an envelope you and shuffle a deck of cards, you can perform this effect. The only  caveat is that it requires some audience management. BUT, that is necessary for any magician anyways. If you don’t feel comfortable working with an audience, you should perform more. Then, buy this effect!

The presentation in the demo is exactly what you get. What a breath of fresh air to have an uncut performance of the effect and to have it look as good as it does. No fancy filming with flashy cuts, just a sit down performance to show off this wonderful effect.

The “secret” that makes this possible is so good that I already use it in other performances to help me locate cards. His application of the principal went right under my nose and is so perfect.

I highly recommend this to any card worker. It truly is a miracle.




Erik Casey

Was the demo real?

Absolutely, it looked exactly the same.

Is this a worker?

Yes, unless you are table hopping. I wouldn’t recommended this in a restaurant.

Difficulty level?

Intermediate. No heavy sleight of hand, just some easy audience management.

Quality of product?

High quality, the DVD is well produced and the gimmicks are great! Comes with almost everything you need (BYOD).


$35.00 and it is absolutely worth it!



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