One Degree by John Guastaferro – Reviewed

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John Gusastaferro has nailed it with One Degree. This book is a measly $50, yet it includes, arguably, $100+ worth of magic. The magic in this book is incredible. Multiple effects left me speechless just as I read the clever presentations. John makes every move perfect and justified, yet the book never feels full of unnecessary details, much like the moves in his routines, the words in the book never feel like filler.

The book is structured much like a close up show should be, it has its openers, followed by the engaging middle effects, then topped with some closers.  And sprinkled throughout are incredible essays and fantastic ideas on performing close up magic. If not for the routines, buy this book for the wealth of knowledge you will get from his essays.

It is never a bore to read. The magic is relentlessly good. This book will change the way you perform close up magic.

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