Investigative Magic: No Words Necessary

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We asked our viewers to submit crazy/funny/interesting stories regarding performing magic and we continue to get amazing stories! This story comes from a homicide detective who has been working on the police force for twenty years and who, in the past few years, has started learning and performing magic. He brings us incredibly unique stories in which he uses his magic in interrogations and performs for witnesses and victims. This is the second story in a series called Investigative Magic. So in the words of Detective George B. Ripley we present you: No Words Necessary

While at my desk in our Detective Bureau, I noticed that one of our SVU Detectives brought in a mother and daughter (victim) for interviews. They were both Spanish speaking and, although my mother is from Puerto Rico and bilingual, I unfortunately only know a limited amount of Spanish.  I saw the daughter enter the interview room with the detective and could see the concern and anxiety on the mother’s face. She was just sitting and waiting several feet from the interview room in what had to feel like forever.  I decided to approach her and show her some magic to give her a mental distraction. I spoke in English at first and it was apparent that she didn’t understand too much English. I then greeted her in Spanish and took out some playing cards.  In complete silence I showed her a card transposition that happened in her hands. I was amazed at how easily this effect is to perform and follow even without talking. It was an incredible experience. Upon the card revelation, she was very surprised and had a big smile on her face. I smiled at her and directed her to some rubber bands I just took out. I showed her the Crazy Man’s Handcuffs effect, again, in complete silence. She seemed to really enjoy this as well.

I walked away for a several minutes, and I could see her seated, still waiting but with a partial smile. I was hoping it was from the magic she just saw but I wasn’t entirely sure.  I walked back to her one last time and did an effect where I pull my business card from my cell phone. She happened to be on her phone when I walked over, which was perfect. This, honestly, was harder to do in complete silence, but upon “pulling” the card from inside the phone, the silence was immediately broken with her laughter.  It was so cool.  We shook hands and shortly after that, her daughter exited the interview room. From the look on her face, I knew this poor child was feeling stressed. You can probably guess where this picked up, as now there was an audience of two. More magic came out, and the mom and daughter left our Police Station with smiles on their faces. Most importantly they left with a piece of magic and a new perspective of magic and Police, I hope. This was the first time I performed close-up magic in complete silence with a language barrier in any capacity, and it may be the most memorable magic experience I have had to date. That day was a learning experience for me and knowing that “no words are necessary” instantly opens more magical doors, personally and professionally.

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