When Magic Lands You in the Hospital

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We asked our viewers to submit crazy/funny/interesting stories regarding performing magic and this story sent to us by Philip Kerber (@phillusions) took the cake for best story we have received yet so his will be the first we will release. Before we get into the story please submit your own stories because we will be continue to feature great stories each month!! So in the words of Phil:

I was hanging out in my friend’s dorm at college at about 11:30pm and his roommate came in with his girlfriend which meant we had to leave so he could do his “thing”. So I invited my friend up to my room where I could show him some magic. I was performing magic for him and with each trick his amazement and excitement escalated. His excitement was contagious and I felt myself getting pumped and that energy was propelling me to show off more and more magic. I performed tricks like William Tell by Daniel Garcia, and Shuffling Lesson by Chad Long, just to name a few. With each trick he would react with pure joy and enthusiasm. After I performed Dunn’s Deal, which is an oil and water effect by Shaun Dunn he responded by saying, “Yo! Do some David Blaine type magic, like stick an ice pick through your hand!” I was so in the moment and feeling invincible that without thinking I reached for the sharpest tool in my vicinity. I grabbed an x-acto knife without thinking, I mean I definitely didn’t think I would stick it in my hand, but with all the adrenaline coursing through me I grabbed it and I stabbed it right through my hand.

In the first second after sticking the knife through my hand I thought, “Wow! This is the best magic trick I have ever performed!” But then reality hit and I yelled, “OH MY GOD! I just stuck a knife though my hand!!” Blood began to flow out through the wound and I had to go to my college health center, nope, not the ER like one would expect. But just when I was about to leave for the health center I remembered I hadn’t filmed a magic video for Instagram that day. So I had to slap a band-aid over the cut on my hand and film. My friend filmed me dribbling the cards as high as I could in slo-mo. It was the first time we shot a video and it turned out good on the first take! When this was over I walked down the the health center with my friends while I was posting this video on Instagram. It was about 12:15 When I got to the health center and when asked how this happened I had to explain to the onsite doctor that I thought I could perform a David Blaine-esque magic trick and then realized that I had actually just stabbed myself. She washed off my cut with some rubbing alcohol and it burned so freaking bad! The doctor shook her head the entire time clearing thinking, “You dumbass!!” She gave me some vasatrasin and an icepack and said to put this on. It is probably going to hurt in the morning, and boy did it ever. I am left with a scar on my hand and everytime I see it I just shake my head and laugh.

And that was the day I realized I wasn’t David Blaine!


Check back next week to read how a detective uses magic to get confessions!

And if you have a great story to share email us at: submissions@sleighted.com.

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