No Such Thing as a Stupid Question?

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You probably remember learning the age old adage, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question”, from a parent or maybe a teacher, but is that true? Is there no such thing as a stupid question? Well a debate ensued when our very own Erik Casey posted the following status:

FB Stupid qs

At first he received quite a few people agreeing with him. But then it started to get heated and for very fair reasons; the wording of his status was definitely aggressive in nature.

Chastain was the first to step in and raise some great points.


Chastain makes some great points about how spectators need to ask questions in order to understand the content. Erik states that wasn’t the point he was trying to make however because his status is so vague one cannot be sure what he was trying to imply unless you were to know him personally.

Simone jumps in as well in order to offer encouragement to those who are just starting out in magic.


Erik agrees with her but at this point hasn’t really altered his original thought just yet. More magicians beginning joining as well. The following are some of the comments I personally think are the best and most relevant that end up shaping this Facebook discussion.


thread                  thread2

Here Erik tries to add a little more clarity to the intentions behind his original status:

erik react

It still isn’t completely clear his intent especially with what Simone says:

simone react

Here is where we start getting to the heart of the question, “Are there stupid questions?”

stupid thread

Above are the arguments defending there are no stupid questions, below are some thoughts on if there actually are stupid questions:



Since this came from Erik’s status I’ll let him have the last word:

Erik end

What are your thoughts on the whole debate? Are there no stupid questions? Or are some questions not worth asking? Comment and let us know!

If you want to read the whole Facebook thread click: Are there Stupid Questions?

Erik, Sebastian and I also talk about this on the podcast Stealing and Stupid Questions.

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